Heather Peterson

As the Chief Yoga Officer, Heather is the longest continuous staff member for CorePower Yoga. She has been teaching yoga since 2002 and was hired as the second studio manager for the company in 2003. Catch Heather's inspiring C2 class on Mondays at the RiNo/Industry Studio in Denver.


8 Ways to Stay Happy & Healthy on the Road

Heather Peterson, the Chief Yoga Officer at CorePower Yoga, is on the road 40 weeks of the year training studio teams across the nation. We sat down with Heather to learn the top travel rituals that keep her healthy and energized when she’s on the road.

1. Take Your Yoga Practice With You

Travel, whether by car or plane can be tough on your joints and muscles from sitting for long periods of time. Take your yoga practice with you when you travel and you’ll always be a peaceful traveling warrior.

Power of the Heart: 10 Heart Opening Postures

I love the phrase “Heart Opening” instead of “Backbends.” When I first started practicing, I remember dreading backbends. I paced myself to get through those postures and I knew it was downhill after that!

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