Yoga Teacher Training

Empower. Be empowered. Inspire. Be inspired.

CorePower Yoga offers a nurturing team environment in which to grow and evolve as teachers and individuals, as well as a place to make a career out of yoga. CorePower Yoga has been training instructors to teach yoga since 2002 and has set up thousands of yoga instructors for success in the field of teaching yoga.

CorePower Yoga offers Power Yoga, Hot Yoga & Hot Power Fusion and Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training Programs as well as Extensions and Level Two Power Teacher Training.

Our Teacher Training leaders are highly trained, certified and passionate about yoga. They're enthusiastic about health, vitality and the mind-body connection created by CorePower Yoga.

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training is designed to not only shed light on many aspects of yoga, but to actually teach you how to lead a safe, effective and fun class! The following are just some of the topics that we will cover in this program:

  • Learn about alignment and how to avoid injuries
  • Learn how to teach with your voice and your hands, how to encourage and inspire people and
    how to use your body language to enhance a class
  • Learn how to give safe and effective hands-on adjustments and also about the different styles
    and intentions of touch
  • Hone your presentation and communications skills so that you can deliver a class in a concise manner,
    connecting with all students
  • Learn how to teach a yoga class as a workout for the body, mind and spirit
  • Learn how to sequence asanas in a fluid manner and unite breath with movement
  • Learn how to read bodies, physically and emotionally, as well as the energy of a group or individual
  • Learn basic physiology and anatomy
  • Learn how to market yourself and your studio to build a following
  • Delve into yoga ethics and the student-teacher relationship
  • Explore the history of yoga
  • Learn the business side of running a yoga studio

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