Sarah Goble

Sarah Goble - Director of Operations, Bay Area, Pacific Northwest & Hawaii

After graduating from college, Sarah found herself having the classic “beginning of life crisis.” After traveling around, hiking, backpacking and snowboarding, she realized that although nature gave her some of what she was looking for, something was still missing.

Then she took her first yoga class.

“Yoga showed me that happiness is not about where you are or what you do, it’s a state of mind,” Sarah said.

Since Sarah began her yoga practice, she has never felt better—physically or spiritually. Returning to her home city of Minneapolis, Sarah wanted to share yoga’s key to health and happiness with others. She first trained in Yoga Fit and started teaching in fitness centers, community centers and senior homes.

Soon after, Sarah became involved with CorePower Yoga, and it felt like home. The combination of the spa-like environment and warm and friendly yoga teachers was exactly what she felt was missing in the yoga community. Her first class, taught by CorePower Yoga founder and chief executive officer, Trevor Tice, was challenging and fun, yet peaceful all at the same time.

Sarah strengthened her relationship with yoga and completed the first CorePower Yoga Power and Hot Yoga trainings held in Minneapolis. She later was blessed to study with many master teachers in the U.S. and in India.

When not teaching yoga classes, Sarah oversees operations in the Pacific Northwest, Bay Area & Hawaii CorePower Yoga studios, directs 200-hour CorePower Yoga Teacher Trainings and leads Level 2 Teacher Trainings around the country. She also hangs out with her cat, Whiskins.

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