Management Team

CorePower Yoga - Management Team

Executive Team

Amy Shecter – Chief Executive Officer

Chad Kilpatrick - President & Chief Financial Officer

Kari Ament - Chief Operations Officer

Jamie Gull - Chief Development Officer 

Heather Holland - Senior Vice President of People & Development

Heather Peterson - Senior Vice President of Programming

Meghan Herwehe - Vice President of Strategic Insights & Analytics 

Corporate Management Team

Christine Mosher - Director of Retail Operations

Kristy Arends - Director of Design & Development

Holly Georgelos - Marketing Director

Ben Tucker - Director of Financial Planning and Analysis

Ruth Jones - Controller

Nick Duffy - Director of Business Intelligence

Franklin Crosby - Customer Experience Manager

Kristi Omdahl - National Marketing Manager

Kerry Palin - Human Resources and Payroll Manager

Jeff Collinsworth - Information Technology/Information Systems Manager

Megan Sanders - National Retail Logistics Manager

Melissa Leder - Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager

Regional Director Team

Lisa Bloom - Director of Operations, Illinois & Texas

Sarah Goble - Director of Operations, Bay Area, Pacific Northwest & Hawaii

Kathleen Sand - Director of Operations, Southern California

Vincent Amendola - Director of Operations, Minnesota & Colorado

Audra Conard - Director of Operations, East Coast

Regional Management Team

Monika Kaufman - Regional Manager, Honolulu & Berkeley

Inanna JessupRegional Manager, Los Angeles

Natalie Bailey - Regional Manager, Orange County 

Sandra Spearing - Regional Manager, Pacific Northwest

Chelsea Jasin - Regional Manager, Boulder & Fort Collins 

Dylan DiPrima - Regional Manager, Denver & Colorado Springs

Jeni Hutchison - Regional Manager, Chicago

Christy White - Regional Manager, Suburban Chicago

Amanda Ford - Regional Manager, Minneapolis & St. Paul 

Brandon Cox – California Central Coast Regional Owner/Director

Cara Fogel Ferrick - California Central Coast Regional Owner/Manager

Lisa Sullivan - Utah Regional Team Director

Regional Retail Team

Elena Qualls - Orange County, L.A. & San Diego Regional Retail Manager

Meredith Burke - Colorado, Texas & Minnesota Regional Retail Manager

Grace Dalal - Illinois Regional Retail Manager

Alison Shurts - Washington, Oregon, Hawaii & Bay Area (CA) Regional Retail Manager

Dani Jeffery - East Coast Regional Retail Manager

Regional Programming & Continuing Education Team

Robyn Rabicke - Chicago Area Regional Program Manager

Brandy LaChapelle- Chicago Area Continuing Education Manager

Emily Logsdon - Denver Regional Program Manager

Jessica Kos Birney - Colorado & Texas Continuing Education Manager

Cory Miller - East Coast Regional Program Manager

Charlotte Munn - Los Angeles Area Regional Program Manager

Kim Ferrel - Minnesota Regional Program Manager

Joel Klausler - Minnesota Continuing Education Manager

Lacey Calvert - Orange County Regional Program Manager

Amy Opielowski - San Diego Regional Program Manager

Emily Desmond - San Diego Continuing Education Manager