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Our People Power Our Purpose

Join our team and ignite your intention to make a difference. Together, we’ll create an experience that’s powerful enough to transform lives, including your own.

Live your power by joining us in helping others live theirs.


CorePower Yoga teachers share our unique style of yoga with the world while putting their own twist on our practice. They guide every student, no matter where they are in their journey, as they discover their most powerful self.

Studio Management

Our studio management team leaders help bring our magic to the masses. From hiring studio teachers and managing schedules to creating the student experience, our management team makes our studios go ‘round.


Every CorePower Yoga studio, including the retail area, is an expression of our powerful fitness lifestyle. Our retail teams curate the latest accessories and gear to ensure the merchandise we offer in each studio reflects this one-of-a-kind experience.

Studio Experience Team

Our Studio Experience Team (SET) is responsible for the clean feel of our studios. They ensure every location is thoughtfully cared for - and enjoy exclusive benefits, including the option to purchase a discounted membership. SET candidates and employees are not required to purchase a membership.

Studio Support Center

Behind the scenes at our Studio Support Center, you’ll find an incredibly wide range of talented people creating a CorePower Yoga network that’s 150+ studios strong. Every department, from Accounting to Marketing works together to create the magic students experience on their mat.

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