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Yoga Sculpt: Are you ready?

August 09, 2011

yoga class with weights

Yoga Sculpt, CorePower Yoga’s flow with weights, is an intimidating class for some. A true total body workout, yogis sculpting their bodies in this class pack in plyometrics, cardio, yoga, and weight-lifting all in one hour! But there is no need to sweat it before you even walk in the room. The workout can be modified for all fitness levels, and it is a yoga class at the end of the day – the true workout comes from listening to your body and taking care of yourself.

If this sounds like the good kind of kick in the butt you need to burn some extra calories, build healthy bone density, tone up those shoulders, biceps and core, and leave feeling calm, strong, refreshed and rejuvenated, check out these tips from Ashley Hawkins, the Cherry Hills Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training lead in Denver, CO.

Drink lots of water before and after the workout
Hydrating is key to performing at optimal levels. Since the room is heated, you’ll be sweating more than you normally might lifting weights in a gym. If it’s your first time in Yoga Sculpt, take it slow to adapt to the heat. Bring extra water for class and an extra towel to wipe your brow and prevent slipping.

Talk to your instructor
Introduce yourself before class and ask to be brought up to speed on what to expect. Don’t be afraid to ask the instructor for modifications or other variations if you have an injury or something bothers you. The instructor is only a guide – this is your practice and you need to do what you need to do.

Use two sets of weights in class - a lighter and a heavier set
Remember, weights are always OPTIONAL in Yoga Sculpt. You’ll still get a great workout without the weights. If you do choose to use them, it’s important to warm up the body with the lighter set of weights, especially when flowing through the first Sun B sequence. When working the larger muscle groups, consider using heavier weights to build muscle. Try and challenge yourself and go to your edge, but never perform an exercise if it hurts or feels uncomfortable. Proper form and technique are crucial for building lean muscle; if you are using weights that are too heavy, you risk compromising your form and could injure yourself.

Yoga Sculpt is similar to weight training and should only be done 3-4 times a week
The body needs time to recover, as you are breaking down the muscle to re-build it in a Yoga Sculpt class. A consistent Yoga Sculpt practice will be greatly complemented by other CorePower Yoga classes, such as a C2, Hot Power Fusion and/or CoreRestore class. By switching up your workout and including a range of cardio, weight lifting and stretching, you will avoid a plateau and never get bored!

Eat protein within 30 minutes after the workout
Think yogurt or a banana and peanut butter. Try and combine carbohydrates with the protein for the best results. Consuming protein and carbs after the workout will help with recovery and ensure proper synthesis of the nutrients. Your muscles will need the protein to help rebuild.

Let go of your ego
Yoga Sculpt is hard. Your body changes every day. On high energy days, you may very well be able to lift 10 pounds for bicep curls. But if you are feeling low energy, acknowledge that and take it down a notch. Yoga is not a competition. You don’t have to look like the person on the mat next to you. And men, you may be surprised that this isn’t your normal weight lifting session at the gym. Start slow and work your way up to avoid injury and ensure a healthy practice.

And don’t forget to smile!