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New class at select studios!

May 26, 2011

We’re expanding our class offerings at CorePower Yoga! We’re thrilled to announce the recent implementation of RealRyder bikes in a couple of select studios across the country. To give you a glimpse of this new class offering, we spoke with Leah Getsinger – manager of the Highland Park Studio in Minnesota, as well as a CorePower Ryder instructor:

What does a typical CorePower Ryder (CPRyder) class look like? For instance, is it similar to standard spinning classes offered at the gym? What’s different about the CPY version of this class?
CPRyder classes are 45 minutes long, and the room is heated to 85 degrees. You will see some similarities between a CPRyder class, and a traditional Spin class at the gym- but lots of differences as well! The bike itself is very different than a standard spin bike. The RealRyder bike allows for 22 degrees of movement from side to side. This allows the rider to experience the feel of an outdoor ride. The bike will move underneath the rider, and because of this requires major core engagement, just like the type of yoga we offer at CorePower Yoga!

Who would benefit from taking a CPRyder class?
Honestly, everyone! It is a low impact, cardio workout that is a great complement to one’s yoga practice or addition to any fitness plan. CPRyder classes are open and accessible to all practitioners of all levels. Everyone can adjust their own bike’s resistance, and find a speed that is comfortable for them. It truly can be a very personal ride adjusted to each individual!

What should someone bring with them to a CPRyder class?
Comfortable clothes to workout in (similar to what you would wear to a yoga class), a small towel to wipe your sweat, water and tennis or cycling shoes (with SPD clips). Classes are available on a first come first “ryde” basis. Advance sign-up is not an option at this time. Class is limited to 36 students (because we only have 36 bikes). You must be in person at the studio to sign up (unfortunately, we do not allow you to sign up a friend unless they are also at the studio).

How does cycling benefit a yoga practice and vice versa?
CPRyder is a great complement to a yoga practice because it adds an extra cardio component that is so necessary to our health and well-being. It also builds strength in a different way than your yoga practice. It’s important to maintain variety in your routine. The combination of yoga and cycling is great- both build on the foundations of breath control, focus and mind-body connection.

Looking to incorporate more cycling into your life – but don’t have access to a CPRyder class? Try riding your bike to yoga or to work in warm summer weather! We’ll soon be incorporating these bikes in many regions, so stay tuned for more info!

*Classes are currently offered at Highland Park (MN) and Berkeley (CA) Studios.