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How to Choose a Yoga Mat

June 04, 2010

Yoga Mats

With a wide selection of yoga mats from which to choose, making that final decision can be a challenge! In order to help you decide which mat is right for you, we’ve created a helpful guide of what we offer in CorePower Yoga Retail Boutiques.

Manduka, the Black Mat
Manduka’s black mat is for yoga practitioners looking for performance, comfort and longevity from their mat.

  • Thicker and more dense than other yoga mats
  • 2” wider and 4” longer than most yoga mats, providing more area for practice
  • Non-sticky, yet slip resistant
  • Has a fabric like finish for superior traction
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Lifetime Guarantee

You are looking for a long-term relationship from your yoga mat.

Manduka PROlite Mat
Manduka’s PROlite offers a lighter, travel version of the Black Mat. This mat is slightly narrower and thinner than the PRO mat but still provides stability and comfort on hard or soft surfaces.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Highly sustainable; less likely to end up in landfills
  • Slip resistant, but non-sticky
  • Suitable for outdoor use

All the benefits of the Manduka Black Mat in brighter colors and a more compact size.

Manduka eKo Lite Mat
Manduka’s eKo mat offers similar durability to the Black Mat, but is designed for the eco-conscious yoga practitioner.

  • Designed for superior durability and comfort
  • Comprised from a natural rubber that will decompose completely at the end of its useful life
  • Most durable, eco-friendly mat on the market, dual layered; closed cell rubber on the top for durability and open celled rubber on the bottom for added cushion.

You are a yogi on the go who wants a biodegradable mat and doesn’t mind not having much cushion.

Jade Harmony Mat
Jade Harmony’s yoga mat is an eco-friendly no-slip mat that guarantees optimum grip.
Offers a superior cushion, grip and more resilience than other yoga mats
Made from natural rubber, contains no PVC
3/16” thick
Harmony plants a tree for every mat purchased

Jade Harmony provides added traction to your practice.

Jade Harmony Travel Mat
The Jade Harmony travel mat offers the benefits of the original Harmony Mat, but in a thinner form.

  • Offers all the grip benefits of the Harmony mat, but with less cushioning and weight
  • 1/8” thick; a difference that is evident to the touch
  • Harmony plants a tree for every mat purchased

All the benefits of the original harmony with a more compact size

Are you ready to get rid of your yoga mat? Check out our favorite picks for earth-friendly mat-recycling options!

Pricing and selection may vary from studio to studio. Happy shopping!