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Five Ways to Create a Successful Home Yoga Practice

July 27, 2010

One of the greatest things about yoga is the community – specifically, practicing next to new people and meeting new friends at a yoga studio. But sometimes you can’t always make it to the studio, whether there’s just not enough time, or maybe the weather is too cold or hot. Having a home practice is great way to get a yoga practice in everyday.

Here are 5 tips to help set up a successful home yoga practice:

Create a peaceful space:
You don’t want to have to worry about distractions during your practice. Make sure you are set up in a space that will allow you to quite your mind. A room with a closed door will allow you to block out people and pets for your practice. Create a special place that is dedicated to your practice.

Proper set up:
Transport yourself to your favorite studio by adding a few things that remind of that studio. It may be a certain scent, poster, music playlist; make it your own!

Plan out your practice:
Going into your home practice with a set intention will help you stay on-task. Figure out what energy level you are at. Do you need more restorative poses or do you need some energizing asanas to get you moving? If you are newer to yoga, try practicing with a yoga DVD.

Create routine:
Nothing happens overnight and that goes for starting and maintaining a home practice. Stick with your home practice for at least two weeks. You will see practicing at home will feel like second nature! Find inspiration in other blog articles.

Have fun:
This is your time to create and personalize your practice. Don’t be too serious about it. Let loose and enjoy!

Do you have a home practice? Share your story and inspire other yogis to give it a try!