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The Benefits of Hot Power Fusion

May 30, 2013

With a wide range of CorePower Yoga locations and class types from which to choose, it can often be difficult to decide on which yoga class to take. You know that a C2 will give you the workout you’re craving, but a Hot Yoga class will completely rinse your body from head to toe. Both classes offer innumerable benefits, but provide completely different workouts, which is why CPY developed Hot Power Fusion – a literal combination of the two styles – about five years ago. These classes are incredibly popular, and are beginner and shoulder-injury friendly as they eliminate chaturangas completely. Still not sold? Read why Orange County Area Manager Sandra Spearing loves this class style so much.

What brought you to your first Hot Power Fusion class?

I was doing Hot Yoga, and I wanted to step into a new class but still stay in a comfortable space. Hot Power Fusion spoke to me immediately. It was a combination of something I was traditionally doing, and it added new elements to my practice: core, flow and a touch of upper body strengthening.          

What is the importance of incorporating Hot Power Fusion into your practice?

I use Hot Power Fusion to balance out my Yoga Sculpt and C2 practice. I enjoy the consistency of the series and the meditative quality that the hot postures provide. I always walk away feeling balanced and rejuvenated.  

What are the benefits of Hot Power Fusion?

Hot Power Fusion is flow with systematic holds that combine our Power and Hot Yoga classes. Combining these two classes creates a fun, dynamic class that brings the restorative and meditative aspects of hot yoga and the energizing and challenging parts of CorePower’s Vinyasa flow to life.

What are some tips for a Hot Power Fusion practice?

Come with an open mind and the desire to grow on your mat. The postures are always offered in layers and it’s a great way to challenge yourself by finding your edge physically or mentally!

So next time you’re considering what class to attend, give Hot Power Fusion a try!

Sandra is a native of Southern California and has been practicing yoga off and on over the last 12 years. She began consistently practicing Hot Yoga after an injury and found relief from her physical aliment. After six months of practicing almost every day, she decided she wanted to deepen her own practice and eventually teach yoga. She took CorePower Yoga Huntington Beach’s first Teacher Training in the summer of 2008. Although Sandra is able to teach most CorePower Yoga classes, she has found her niche, her voice and her ability to really deepen the practice of her students is in the Hot Power Fusion and Hot Yoga series. Outside of the studio, Sandra enjoys cooking, hiking, reading and spending quality time with friends.